Michio Kuramitsu


No Need for Destiny






Ikue Hibiki (lover)

Ryoga Hibiki (son)

Michio Kuramitsu is the lover of Ikue Hibiki and father of Ryoga Hibiki


It is unknown when Michio and Ikue met but the two are very much in love with each other and were together for at least two years. He was the one who theorized that the Hibiki Curse allowed them to somehow teleport randomly over the planet, usually when their focus slipped. They never lost their position if they stayed focused or had someone with him—at least not to the point of seemingly jumping hundreds of kilometers. He also seems to be involved in the medical field as when Ikue got lost in addition to spending nearly eighteen years looking for her but called in quite a few favors in the medical community to create a cure. Which was one part gene resequencer to help rework that teleportation ability she has, and one part neural suppressor to keep her from teleporting while it works.

When they were finally reunited after curing and proposing to her Ikue informed Michio that when she got lost that she was pregnant.

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