Midori Uchiha

Appears in

No Need For Destiny



Kekkei Genkai


Mangekyo Sharingan

Midori Uchiha is a member of the Elite Guards of the Jade Court as well as the lone guard for the First Wife of the Jade Dragon during the current gathering.


During the Warring States Period unlike the Uchiha leader Madara Midori felt that that brokering peace with the Senju Clan was the best options especially it was mostly the Uchiha’s battle lust and hypocritical quest for revenge that kept the fighting going. So when the Jade Dragon came down for another Gathering she went as a representative for the Uchiha Clan along with Hashirama and Tobirama who went as the representative for there clan. Midori’s choice to serve within his personal guard though the two brothers opted to return to Edo.


In contrast with the carefree nature of Aratakira Meioh Midori is a relatively serious person. Her ultimate goal is to ensure that her clan doesn’t dye out which was a serious possibility when she joined the Elite and the reports she has received tell her that it has dwindled even more during her absence.


Midori’s is a skilled Shinobi and warrior far in advance of what lays in Edo. In addition to having a fully mature Sharingan as a member of the Elite Guards she has received several body enhancements and training which boost her strength and endurance to several times normal human levels any of which were the foundation of Hashirama’s regeneration ability though unlike hhis hers will only fade after she leaves the court. Since she refers to the current Uchiha as a different branch o the clan it is unknown what other abilities she has gained that will be passed on once she returns.


Midori has act been a member of the Elite Guards of the Jade Court for seventy five years so when Enma decided to declare another gathering she was chosen as Aratakira’s bodyguard. However on their way they were joined by Minaho Masaki as she claimed that she had knowledge of the wear abouts of Arashi Kuramitsu. While both she and Midori felt that there was more to Minaho’s story then she was telling them they decided to wait until she showed her hand.

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