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Mikado Jurai


No Need for Destiny










Emperor of Jurai


Unnamed wife

Mikado Jurai was the Emperor of the Planet Jurai and patriarch to the House Masaki 20000 years ago.


Mikado Jurai was Emperor during a period of civil war between Jurai and Seniwa. Tired of the endless fighting he began negotiations with Misaka Kuramitsu was the only living member remaining of the Kuramitsu Family to end the war. However before this could happen Misaka suddenly disappeared and the running of the company fell to the Board of Trustees. Mikado suspected that they had him assassinated but there was he could do about it and the fighting continued.

He caught a break when Ranma Saotome and Nabiki Tendo were sent to the past after the general of his Royal Guards attempted to kill them to further his career goals it was discovered that Ranma was Misaka’s grandson. With Ranma’s permission Mikado was able to arrest the Board, and allow them to be tried for the attempted murder of his Misaka Kuramitsu. he also allowed Ranma and Nabiki to stay on Jurai and attend the Galaxy Science Academy to receive he necessary education to run the Kuramitsu corporation.

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