Mikumo Kuramitsu (美雲) is the son of Washu Hakubi and Ranma Kuramitsu


He was born on Jurai, during Washu's marriage to Ranma. However his birth ended up reawakening Washu’s memories of being a goddess and her memories were altered to ensure she stays away from him and his father leaving nothing but a locket to prove her love for him.

Mikumo and his stepsister, Miyuki have always been close since they day they were born. Wanting them to have more normal life then him Ranma didn’t start training them seriously until after the assassination attempt by Kain in which they were only saved by their brother Ran teleporting them to Tokimi’s lair where the two convinced her to allow Ranma to train him. After only a year of training the three were able to fight off a group of kidnappers when they were enrolled in the Willow Mountain Elementary School Complex. It is not known when the started there relationship only that they started to be open about it once they left for the University. The two have at least three children Minami and Mikami Kuramitsu, as well as an unnamed second daughter who went into fashion.

After Z, which he remembered due to having the blood of the Kami  Mikumo was finally allowed to be reunited with his mother. Unfortunately the battle ended up knocking his ship across the universe and it took him months to reach earth.

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