Mind Forge




Nōri Kitaeru

Also known as

Forging of the Mind, Shinjutsu

This aspect of Forging is centered toward "forging" the mind and learning to utilize it to the utmost degree possible.

Overview  Edit

In most cases, this training happens to be the difficult of the Forging regiments. As the term implies, the point of this training is for the student to master their minds and develop focus and mental stability/control. This will allow them to apply this mental control over to their fighting, allowing for their techniques and abilities to be greatly enhanced several times over. But it is also meant to allow them to apply their recently learnt ability of applying spiritual energy to their actions, now having them learn to use their minds to establish control over their energy and to master it.

Forms of meditation are typically consulted during this step of training, the student undergoing these meditative practices in order to gain a sense of control over their mental faculties and spiritual energy; in essence, developing an absolute focus of themselves and their abilities. During this step, their ability to conserve their strength and fight for longer periods of time is enhanced by a proportional amount to their gained focus.

Unlike the other Forging regiment, this training has several, almost "random", trials that the student must overcome. Many of them seemed silly, but the true intent behind the trial would eventually be realized, serving a greater purpose than originally believed. There really is no "completion" of this training step but rather will come to an end when the master feels that the student has achieved a level of mental focus that is satisfactory.

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