User creates two pronged weapons on a telepathic string that connects to the base of a person's skull that allows user to probe their mind for memories, make them see false things or simply allows them to communicate with the other drifters securely without broadcasting long range telepathy. Unlike Burst waves, Trance thought waves are directly affected by the outside atmosphere and can be blocked by any defense.

Mind Jack: Insanity Size

User creates a giant crystallization of their Trance in the shape of a scythe. by creating this the enemy begins to feel the trance waves it emits. When shattered, it releases quantum thought waves that causes the enemy to hallucinate giving user time to defeat them with Rise.

Peeping Lover

User creates camera lens-sized devices that allow them to see multiple areas at once in the form as files through use of Trance and can control the camera's at will but there very Fragile. When a camera is broken a file will break with it making it a minor tool for spying.

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