Magic Involving mentally tapping into certain natural ambient forces and shaping them through the lens of the mind powered by the will to create an effect that can be measured both etherically and upon the plane of ordinary matter as long as the channels are open a sufficiently powerful and talented mind can draw from a theoretically infinite source.

But what would happen if you could block or somehow diminish the flow of energies that he is able to tap into say by creating a wave of interference that might disrupt the pattern of his mental emanation

An object roughly the size of a grapefruit yet ovular almost egg-shaped with a knob at the top end that clearly meant to be adjusted I call it a mind grenade and its effective range is about twenty meters in radius it puts out a lot of power and so the batteries will only be able to sustain it for a few minutes but that shoud be sufficiently long enough to give one the edge in battle. The down side is that it could also effect ki lines and manna taps for other purposes and so it may hamper both sides when it is active.

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