Mint is a member of Romeo Squad and has served Herb since they were children.

Background Edit

Since they were raised within a society of male martial artists, Mint and Lime have never had contact with any women excepting their mothers (the Musk left the practice of marrying transformed animals long ago). Because of this, they can be very girl-obsessed and will be stricken with happiness just by the sound or touch of them. Mint isn't very experienced with women and can be very shy around them. He still seems to be familiar with Amazon law though, which he used to challenge Shampoo for a date, though even then he was very reluctant to hit her. Despite his lack of experience with women, Lime does not possess as much timidity. For instance, he actively pursues his desire to touch Akane Tendo's buttocks and both possess an over-obsession with breasts, which is a constant nuisance to Herb as they spy on her while she's bathing. Possibly due to their animalistic nature, they have no qualms about killing in order to win, and even seem to enjoy it.

Even when Mousse used his full arsenal and skill, Mint proved a bit too much to handle in an honest confrontation, and the former had to resort to distracting him to look in another direction and then sucker punch him with a large mace.[1]

Seems to have developed a crush on Starfire.

Abilities Edit

Mint, like Mousse, is very fast, an expert bladesman, and carries several throwing knives, but unlike Mousse he only has a very limited supply. His speed is enchanced by his wolf heritage and he is the only character to be described to be 'beyond the human limit' in this regard.

Wolf Fang Meteor Bullets: Mint's signature attack. Using his high speed, Mint "warps" behind his opponent and rapidly hurls dozens of tasseled throwing knives (piau) at them. It can also be used to pin them down. 

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