This card is used in combination with the Bird of Illusion card. The Bird of Illusion card uses certain visual concepts from thoughts and emotional impressions within the minds of others to alter wielders appearance. Mirror of Dreamy Flames reaches into another person's subconscious and changes wielder into the object of that person's "heart's desire." The heart of man is not a simple thing. Whoever has a feeling towards a person in his deepest part of his heart, love, friendship, respect, hate, vengeance, ect.

Mirror of Dreamy Flames reveals all that has been kept in our hearts and projects it into reality. Most of the time the person himself doesn’t even realize that he still keeps that feeling in his heart as long as there’s a feeling then you will not get away from the Mirror of Dreamy Flames. Human feeling will not be erased so easily. Although wielder can consciously initiate the mental probing in order to find and project an image, the probing process itself isn't governed by their conscious mind. Hence, wielder does not consciously know what the image they seeks in another person's mind is (in any more detail than that it was the image of the object of his or her greatest fear, or that it was the image of what they hate the most, or whatever) until their appearance changes. Wielder is indistinguishable from the person or object they portray with the same shape and strength as the original to the point that the wielder is able to use that persons moves, even if they had no mastery of it.

Unfortunately Mirror of Dreamy Flames can only be used on one person at a time. However the seeming materialization of the object of his or her greatest fear or desire invariably has immediate emotional impact on the person from whom Mirror of Dreamy Flames had drawn wielders appearance.

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