Misaka Kuramitsu


No Need for Destiny






Unnamed wife

Nodoka Saotome (daughter)

Ranma Kuramitsu (grandson)

Misaka Kuramitsu is the grandfather of Ranma Kuramitsu


Misaka Kuramitsu was the only living member remaining of the Kuramitsu Family over 20000 years during a period of civil war between Seniwa and Jurai. Tired of the endless fighting Misaka began negotiations with the Empire to end the war. However before this could happen he suddenly disappeared the running of the company fell to the Board of Trustees whom Jurai suspected had him assassinated by sabotaging his ship and sending it towards a black hole.  In actuality Misaka wasn’t killed but was flung into the future and the process caused him to lose all memories of his previous life. Despite this his mind was still as sharp as ever allowing him to start his own technology company. In fact, a few technological marvels of the twentieth century had been due to his reinventing technology from Seniwa.

Misaka eventually married and named Nodoka. Sadly he and his wife disappeared a few months before his son-in-law and grandson went on a 10 year training trip. Misaka never approved his daughters marriage to Genma Saotome and shortly before his death he sold his company for a tidy sum, and then secured a retainer for a good law firm. Knowing that Genma would keep them quite busy and use up all the trust fund he left for him.

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