Mishima Shinji


Roughly 10






Mishima Sachiko


A young boy from a village being taken over by Daigo Mitsurugi and brutally ruled over by Daigo's henchman Goro, Mishima Shinji escapes the village in the arms of his older sister Sachiko before the latter succumbs to injuries sustained during the fight. Coming across Ranma Saotome and Kaori Ichibana in the forest, Shinji is escorted back to his home village in order to free the people from Daigo's influence.


Eiji is a young boy with short scruffy brown hair and brown eyes, is of a slim build.


Shinji’s father runs the only dojo in town so when the Band of the Fang came to take it over he and his students have been fought them off. However when word that Daigo was coming to the village his henchman Goro finally decided to put a stop to it. Shinji was able to escape into the forest where he was found by his sister who also was attacked. The two were later found by Ranma Saotome and Kaori Ichibana who patched them up before taking her and Shinji back to the village. 

Ranma found Shinji’s parents still being attacked and quickly fought the henchmen off. Luckily Lee was in the village as well and between the two they were able to provide medical attention to the three allowing them to keep them alive and get them home.

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