This card represents Benzaiten the goddess of everything that flows: water, words, speech, eloquence, music and knowledge. She became one of the Seven Gods of Fortune. She is also a goddess of beauty, mothers wishing attractive daughters fasted and prayed for seven days at the . She is depicted as a beautiful woman with eight arms with two hands depicted in prayer and others holding; sword, bow and arrow, wheel, key, axe, spear, mandolin or biwa. She is also depicted as riding a golden dragon. She carries a jewel that can grant wishes. She is the ruler of love, music, arts, inspiration, talent, wealth and romance. As a sea and water goddess she is a purifying force that protects people from the darkness of the material world. She is also a protector from earthquakes. Her festival is at the summer solstice and many of her shrines (benten-do or benten-sha) are still standing. She is sometimes called daughter of the dragon king and originally of Hindu origin (Goddess Saraswati). Her husband was a wicked dragon who she transformed.

This card was given to kazuki and became his guardian card bringing out out the full potential of his powers.

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