Mithril is a secret private military corporation. Holding the primary objective of fighting terrorist organizations worldwide and prevent conflicts from escalting into wars, even intervening in civil warring small countries. Their level of (atleast Arm Slave ) technology is highly advanced and sophisticated, by the beginning of the series they are the sole operators of Third Generation Arm Slaves, the M9 Gernsback , surpassing the Americans M6 Bushnell and the Soviet Union's Rk-91/Rk-92 Savage. In fact Mithril's military strength is much greater than many other armed forces and private military companies throughout the world. Its fighting force consists of mercenaries hired from various parts of the world. While Mithril closely guards its existence from the general public, various governments and intelligence agencies seem to be aware of their existence.

Mithril is divided in three divisions:

  • Combat
  • Intelligence
  • Research

They have various bases of operations around the world, the most infamous of all being Meridan Island which houses the West Pacific Fleet. The Tuatha de Danaan is their main flagship.

Psyche DivisionEdit

A secret division of Mithril that deals primarily with paranormal affairs and has operated out of the views of the others Mithril divisions for the most part. The organization has been expanding, as are the number of paranormal events of significance. Psyche division primarily keeps a list of known psychics and mystics and files on investigated paranormal phenomena. In fact, if the Whispered had not been a key factor in the founding of this organization, they'd likely fall under the aegis of Psyche division.

For the most part, Psyche does not have full agents, but keeps track of individuals such as Miss Satomi that they've found to be trustworthy in the case that they have a paranormal situation to deal with. Psyche handles paranormal assets they investigate and recruit psychics for various tasks that are inappropriate for ordinary teams. As a cover, they act as a specialized employment office for mystics and the like, but most of those clients have nothing too special.

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