Mitsuko Hibiki is the wife of Tetsuya Hibiki and son of Ryoga Hibiki. While the two are related unlike her husband she isn’t a direct inheritor of the Hibiki directional curse so it doesn’t effect her as much as it does her husband and son.


Mitsuko is a petite though lean woman with black eyes, over a foot shorter than her six foot two inch tall husband. Her similarly black hair is folded back on itself to keep it from dangling past her shoulders. She wears a long khaki colored drill jacket that reaches down to just below her knees, and up to her wrists. Beneath that, she wears a white hadajuban undershirt, and over it a black sash around her waist. She sports a black jika-tabi over her feet and lower legs, as well as waraji for footwear.


Mitsuko has been described as tomboyish often noisy and boisterous. She can also be quite eccentric at times, while not undignified, exactly she just lives an unorthodox lifestyle. Unlike her son she appears to like the explorer aspect of getting chronically lost. She even makes fun of it from time to time, for example mentioning that for their honeymoon she and her husband went backpacking across the United States when they were supposed to go to Bermuda.


Mitsuko Hibiki was actually born in America though both her curse and her wish to keep in touch with her roots means she spent a lot of time in japan. She actually met the Kazuo and Nodoka back in 1979 during the Non-Stop Savage Battle Tournament. A UNICEF Fundraiser though she ended up getting lost and didn’t make it to the finals.


Mitsuko only has a modest knowledge of karate her father taught her the Gojū-ryu style that he learned as a boy. When she met Tetsuya, in college, he taught her some of the Hibiki School. Her overall style is a mixture of the two, a very technique dependant fusion of karate and weapons handling. While her ki reserves are not that impressive the abilities inherent in the Hibiki clan makes her extremely strong and fast.

Special TechniqueEdit

'Tetsununo' (Iron Cloth Technique):


Tessen: Mitsuko fights with two Weighted Iron Fans one white and the other black.

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