Mizu Kotetsu




Standard soldier operations, Demolitions, Ballistics support

Combat Ability

Fairly high. Mizu is a very capable fighter, skilled with weapons of all types. Though she trained a little bit with Ranma Saotome, Anything-Goes eludes her for the most part. Despite this, she's become a better martial artist than any of her fellow soldiers.





An excellent example of a Core soldier, Mizu Kotetsu graduated from her academy at the top of her class with honors, and has proven to be an extremely promising addition to Core. In fact, the only thing that even remotely mars her record is her affiliation with the oft-mocked and widely resented DAPC, and her apparent relationship with Ranma "Chaos on legs" Saotome. On the job she's utterly serious and the picture of control and responsibility, but off the job she's a hopeless romantic and a bit lovesick, which makes her a raging bottle of emotions. Though prone to the occasional burst of violent temper (understandable given her occupation), she mostly stays in control of her anger until an appropriate time.

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