Moka Akashiya


Student Council Representative



Combat Rank

D (S when transformed)


None in particular, unless one counts causing anemia

Transformation Class

Near-human (Magic Seal type)

Ethical Disposition

Similar to Tsukune, Moka possesses a very human understanding of morality, probably due to her earlier schooling in the human world. She also has a similarly kind disposition and is slow to anger. Moka's sealed personality, however, views most other creatures as annoying upstarts and herself as the most important and powerful student in the school. Although not evil (despite what people often call her), she cares little for what humans would judge right or wrong.

Widely considered the most beautiful girl in the freshman class, if not the school, Moka was chosen to act as the representative of the Protection Committee on the student council, largely because Tsukune felt she was the most stable and reasonable of his subordinates but also because it would conveniently keep her out of the way of most other tasks in which she would be effectively useless. Although a vampire, Moka seems to lack any significant power, and in fact seems to find a special connection to Tsukune in how ordinary she is compared to their strange and beastly classmates. Moka's sealed personality is quite different, being a nigh-unstoppable powerhouse that looks upon others, and particularly Ranma, with contempt.

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