The single name used by a set of fraternal twins who possess a shared consciousness. Boost in mental ability and paranormal abilities gained from their conjoined minds.

Montara’s psychic powers include teleportation, telekinesis (including floating themselves and projecting force bolt), psychic illusions and pyrokineses, all of which are stronger when the twins are in direct physical contact. The telekinesis actually originated from the male montara, the pyrokinesis from the female but because they rarely if ever act completely independently this point is essentially moot.

Psychic tether

A specialized form of telekinesis can absorb another object or person’s momentum and transfer it to the twins.

Psychic disruption

A direct mental assault purported to destroy the mind of its target(s)


A sort of psychic radar ping, providing the twins detailed information on being objects and general situations that are out of their sight

Montara has been shown capable of at least two passive radar psychic senses detecting psychic energy sources and hearing the thoughts of others presumably or switched on and off at will, but they do not seem to require the effort or energy needed for montara’s more active attacks and defenses

The twins are naturally telepathic with each other their thoughts often indistinguishable when they are in close proximity when further apart and thus subject to different sensory input, their thoughts naturally diverge some, even when next to each other though their minds remain separate enough that they can get into telepathic arguments

Their shared mind manages to process the different inputs and allow them to act independently though each is aware of the other’s so long as both are conscious.

On the flip side mental stress or damage to one is felt by both and combined-consciousness headaches are likely twice as bad as normal ones. Montara require a certain level of mental energy in order to utilize their superhuman talents. Once this reserve is depleted they need several hours rest to recharge themselves

Spectral talon

Allows the twins to generate balls of pure psychic force called tk spheres these instantly reverse the vector of kinetic energy of what ever touches them. The harder something strikes them the harder it rebounds they can also be generated around objects (say the hand of someone trying to hit them) and exert kinetic force inward to crush them. While montara hasn’t found a limit to the number of spheres they can generate they have not been able to keep track of more than four spheres for very long once they forget where one is relative to their position it vanishes. The spheres technically have no range limit either but montara needs to be able to gauge each ones distance and position precisely and maintain that mental calculation.

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