Moonstruck Drop




Yaoiyoko Kakou

Parent Technique

Wing Road



This technique is based on the Greek myth that the sky was created from a moon drop. It teaches one how to catch those moon drops. Training for this technique requires one stand on their hands concentrating on the palms then proceed to run never letting the feet touch the ground. This is tough training because moving with your palms creates a lot of friction burning and ripping the skin. The technique works on the vacuum phenomenon. When two flat objects are placed upon one another and the air between them is removed they cannot be separated. The pressure of the surrounding atmosphere exerts force on the objects preventing their separation. To a lesser extent suction occurs whenever a person presses their palm against a surface the space between the floor and the palms is one surface also the space extending from the backs of the hands to the limits of the atmosphere forms the other surface. The final result of this special training is the mastery air surface manipulation and if one applies a little power they can change the flow of the wind easily producing powerful gust.

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