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An important place for chan Buddhism and martial arts with a proud 1500 year old tradition. The temples shaolin boxing training and reinforcement methods were renowned to be among the most difficult, staying balanced on one finger, making one’s skull harder than steel. It is said that its teachings is divided in 4 cycles of 3 years, which makes 12 years altogether: the first 3 years are done with feet and hands tied, the 3 following are devoted to physical strengthening, then another 3 years to work the sight and the energy techniques, finally during the 3 remaining years student studies the boxing techniques. The Mount song shaolin style is an external style thus it favors external physical reinforcement. As well as internal reinforcement found in internal boxing styles it is said that a master is able to stand on a raw egg without breaking it.


This technique combines external training for muscles and flesh with internal reinforcement and breathing techniques. This technique transforms the body into energy allowing their mass to stretch or shrink harden or soften themselves giving them complete control over their body. This technique allows user to change the trajectory of ki attacks by making a shield with their body. With their flesh user’s body can literally absorb opponents like an amoeba.