He never opens his eyes but seems to know where everything or anyone was. The sole Great Weapon Master's wears all black robes, but differently then the white robes of his youth that were his trademark and allowed him to perform his Hidden Weapons technique, the sleeves of the outfit are smugly tied around his forearms. His hair is shaved by the sides and is pulled back in a tick braid, some strands dropping, free from it. He shows a part of white hair on the right side of his head, clearly hair that had grown from an old wound. Even so his ebony hair has some strands of grey hair even if his skin seems young and full of vitality, without any other mark of time's passage than those fine strands of hair. Also instead of the bottle like glasses that Mousse had to allow him to overcome his near blind sight dark shades hide his eyes. If one were to see him without his glasses all they would see is eyes that were once of a deep green now covered in milky white. The cells in his orbs dead. Withered away long ago.

Blind fighting

Years ago Mouse started working on expanding his other senses both to battle and for life. He gained a perfect control of his five senses which allowed him to expand his sixth one. That way he is able to defend himself from any attack that you could possibly be thrown at him.

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