Real Name



Weapon Master

Place of Origin



Watch Tower




Lex Luthor, Amazons, Justice League



Powers & Abilities

Mousse is a jack-of-all-trades fighter who’s Hidden Weapon technique allow him to occasionally overwhelm opponents with the sheer number of items he can produce, and barrage them from a certain distance. Proficient in all of his weapons,



Mousse (ムース Mūsu?) is a a male Chinese Amazon who works as a mole for Cadmus in the Justice League.

Character History Edit

Can be found by reading the Dark Titan’s Saga

Physical Appearance Edit

Weapon Master is a young man with long black hair. He wears a long, white robe bearing an odd design embroidered on the chest. He also wears eye coverings, though his are a pair of highly advanced glasses made of white titanium and gleaming blue composite materials. He is heavily armed, wearing an assortment of weaponry all across his body. Three pole arms strapped to his back, two swords on his hips, lengths of chain wrapped around his arms and a pair of wicked looking claws strapped to his hands.

Powers and abilities Edit

Mousse is an extremely proficient martial artist and is skilled in several systems, presumably including the acrobatic and flexible Joketsuzoku style used by the other two Amazons, Shampoo and Cologne. He is a master with practically any weapon, and is very agile.

Mousse fights using hidden weapons (Anki 暗器), which includes roped hooks, rope darts, iron balls, hidden knives, bombs, and even training toilets, all hidden in his long sleeves and robe. The reasoning for this is supposedly dark magic which in the Ranmaverse is hiding things where it is dark. Mousse has been shown though to not have an infinite supply of weapons in his cloak. Additionally, he's quite crafty, and is able to make complex fireworks or actually plan traps to defeat Ranma.

Although he is a highly talented hand-to-hand fighter, Mousse prefers to use his mastery of the hidden weapons style to fight at a distance, where his naturally expert marksmanship can be put to better use. By using his full arsenal in combination with his considerable speed, he has managed to compete even with Mint, who may be the swiftest character in the entire series, although he had to use trickery to actually prevail.

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