Mousse is a a male Chinese Amazon who seeks the heart of his childhood friend, Shampoo. Mousse feels jealous when Leon Max came to Cologne to receive her aid in getting revenge on Ranma seeing him as another rival for Shampoo’s affection, but Lee tells Mousse that he can kill Ranma. Mousse ambushes Ranma, but after Kenshin defeats him, he says that he was there to soften him up for Lee and as Ranma turns around, he uses his egg bombs. As Mousse is going in for the kill Ranma gets back up and defeats him with a Moko Takabisha. After Ranma used Akane’s anger issues to leave for Kyoto without having to deal with anyone Mousse and Shampoo searched for him before he could leave the city. When nothing turned out Cologne sent Mousse back to the village to warn them in case Ranma isn’t able to defeat Daigo Mitsurugi.

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