Shadowless Flight

This technique was created from Fionn the Otaku suggestion that Ranma trades speed training from kid flash for some instruction in basic marital art techniques. I suggest Friction Manipulation which is the ability to control the friction of your own body and of objects you touch. I suggest this because Ranma already has some skill in this. He is able stick to any surface, allowing him to climb up walls or walk on ceilings. Also the Haku Dato Shin Sho causes friction burns Ranma strikes so fast speed that he leaves scorch marks. Kid flash takes this to the next level creating high frictions hot enough to cause burns, which comes useful at times whenever somebody gets a hold of him. He is also able to use Friction Manipulation to get more friction per step and zero from the wind. This technique is basically the opposite of Ranma’s first ability in that it is able to reduce the friction between two physical elements. That is to say, between elements that can be touched, regardless of where they are. They can be solid surfaces, fluid layers, and other materials sliding against each other. In nearly all cases it is used on the feet (usually one foot at a time), allowing user to slide against any surfaces and thus, increase their movement speed. The trick is to shorten the ground distance from, for example three steps, to a single step or slide and use it to move forward as if they're slipping or sliding on ice. Despite it seeming like it's easy to perform; the technique requires a good control. It's speed entirely depends on the proficiency of the user. There are other factors that need to be mastered as well, such as balance when sliding. A poor balance can result in major injuries and even death, if the technique's user happens to be in a fight.

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