When Kiyama Harumi informed her about Samuel Tillinghast’s horrid treatment of the rouge psychics Nabiki got the other’s to aid her attempted to free them. Sadly though they were able to escape taking much of XCOM's classified data, the original four ARMs core chips, and genetic material Kiyami died and Ryoga was horrifically injured. Nabiki set up her own organization, EXALT, to halt XCOM's plans. She is a brilliant leader, a multi-talented wonder, equally at home in a board room, in front of a computer, and on the battlefield. She is brilliant, absolutely calm in tense situations, and with a subtle sense of humor. Nabiki values all people, especially her colleagues, but she will not hesitate to put them into danger if that will achieve her goals. Nabiki infused the four ARMs cores into herself, Shampoo, Ukyo, and “Fill” where they fused with their embro’s giving birth to the ARMs kids. When Godai was born she sent him to live with Soun.

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