Nabiki Tendo




of three daughters of (profile available), inc K. Tendo (Seiran Medical div.); A. Tendo (Seiran: CT Golf). Minimal psionic potential. Practices some of family martial arts style. Graduated within top five percent of outgoing class, Furinkan, Nerima. Multiple unofficial disciplinary and ethics violations; none pursued. Unusual circumstances at school (see: R. Saotome, Furinkan). Enrolled in Meiji University at time of abduction (see: Nerima Abduction Event) (see: university records).

Brought in after the UFO crash in , she was stated to be instrumental in reorienting the ship and allowing for its descent. Transferred to Branch. Originally applied and accepted to internship in Revenue and Logistics Division. Brought in during Operation Trojan to coordinate for India Squad. Transfer approved to Operations CIC pending psionic training and evaluation. Permanent Operator Status approved (Dec, 2006). Monthly evaluations show acceptable and developing skills in multi-tasking, information retrieval, non-linear thinking. Emotional attachment to team rated as: HIGH(4E).

Operator Tendo has performed her job to expectations as of the time of this correspondence. IntSec has catalogued a dozen minor behavioral infractions, mostly related to the selling of goods and services on-base, and to participation in sanctioned gambling events among combat personnel. No disciplinary action deemed necessary. Personal morale is high and key to maintaining her productivity. As of Jan, 2006, no efforts have been made to replace her with a Senior Operator.

Commitment is considered high due to first hand exposure to alien activities. Minimal psionic imprinting undertaken (see: psi-gym usage). PsyOps profile attached. High aversion to failure; noted as hard working when properly motivated. Known relationship with Lt. R. Hibiki (Seiran: CT India) has not interfered with performance as of previous reviews (see: Service Record, attached) (see: Psionic Profile, attached). Tendo is currently being evaluated in-field to demonstrate possible candidacy for inclusion in CLEANSLATE. Exclusion of Tendo can be expected to negatively affect efficiency of ; push her hard to make sure she's ready.

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