Naja Akara (朱螺 凪耶 Akara Naja) was the best friend and scientific partner of Washu Hakubi, the universe's greatest scientist, before her dissapearance.


Naja Akara was born at the Jurai Imperial Academy. At the age of 21, she met Washu Hakubi whom she welcomed by chasing around the campus grounds. The two quickly became good friends, being almost equals in their intellect and academic standing and both being in Class 6 of the Department of Philosophy (the elite department of the Academy).

From her description, Naja seems to have had an impulse, mercurial temperament. Teasing one moment, quick to cry the next. She enjoyed trying to surprise Washu with large events, which Washu disliked and endeavored to avoid, eliciting a pout from Naja.

Naja Akara transferred to the Galaxy Science Academy two years before Washu where she met Ranma Kuramitsu and Nabiki Tendo. Due to his ability to sense Ranma quickly realized that Naja was a hermaphrodite because of how balance her aura was. Seeing how uncomfortable she was they revealed Ranma’s cursed form to her. Fascinated by this Naja asked Ranma if she could study his curse hoping to learn either how to put her body in a similar state, or perhaps even split herself into two beings; one male and one female. The three quickly became friends and were rather close by the time Washu arrived.

Since Naja wasn’t privy about the details of why Ranma and Washu broke up in support of her friend she transferred back Jurai Imperial Academy with her when Washu couldn’t stand being around her old friends anymore.

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