no name

a tall man, wearing a dark brown cloak with a deep hood, the shadows hiding much of his face. His clothing are simple yet sturdy, the garb of a farmer, or perhaps a monk. Well-worn boots protect his feet. He carries no weapon save for a simple staff of wood, metal-shod at both ends. One end rested lightly against the ground. He is young, perhaps twenty at the most; with handsome features, and a short mane of black hair that flow down to halt above his shoulders. He is a foreigner, his skin lightly-bronzed, his face having Caucasian aspects, and he is large of build without being ungainly. Yet he speaks Japanese with a modest accent that she could not place. There is something about his manner, supreme confidence that bordered on arrogance, and something more, a sense of nobility, and the hawk-like clarity of the gaze in his clear blue eyes is said to be electric.

Master of the quantum mechanics universes anything goes style

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