Nanchou (難聴, Inaudibility) uses the ultrasonic Kanakirigoe allowing user to prevent opponent from singing by singing out of sync with their song making the waves cancel each other out. Essentially instead of singing the counter song after opponent finishes user sings it while they are singing using the ultrasonic Kanakirigoe essentially preventing opponent from making a sound. This technique can also be performed on the user themselves using Otohei, disallowing the propagation of vibrations and the creation of sound. This allows user to become unheard by anyone or anything and move about silently. Primarily used for stealth or trickery, user can cancel out any sound within their distance, dulling the senses or use them in conjunction with projectiles as a means for surprise attacks. However, the only downside was that even though user is soundless, it does not mean they are invisible.

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