Natsumi Mizuki is a 15-year-old high school student, Natsumi went to the Tendo Dojo to ask for help in getting her dog back and then became a student of the Anything Goes Style.

History Edit

She was introduce in the Get Back the Genius Dog arc. The daughter of an eminent virus researcher, Natsumi ask Ranma to rescue her "genius" Miniature Dachshund Lucky from performing tricks at a TV station. But Lucky, apparently, has more sinister powers and mysteries under his fur and it's up to the Super Normal Defense Force to get to the bottom of what turns out to be a conspiracy involving superhuman mutants, and mad scientists.

Abilities Edit

Natsumi has amazing skills in ping-pong, shogi, and cooking. She has also shown a natural in learning Martial Arts. 

Possible Future Edit

I plan on replacing the Reach from Young Justice with the Dark Side Club from the Static Shock comic. For those of you who don’t know at some point, Static was abducted by the Dark Side Club, drugged by the Anti-Life Equation and forced to compete against other heroes in an arena for entertainment. He proved too strong to control, and the proprietors mostly kept him locked up in the basement, although he was allowed out to compete with the other reigning champion, Ravager. After being freed from the Club by Miss Martian, he applied for and joined the Teen Titans, becoming a full-time member. The cure that was Natsumi was given did turn her into a bang baby but it remained latent until she is kidnapped by the DSC.


Natsumi’s powers will be based off of Asami "Sam" Koizumi who she will be replacing. Basically it’s a combination Gravity Children, Brain Charger, Gambit, and Kongou Mitsuko

Aero Hand: When the Natsumi touches an object, she can imbue it with kinetic energy, allowing her to propel the object. Natsumi can propel trucks into the air, Powered Suits, walls, and parabolic antennas. She also has been shown the ability to levitate leaves around her palms. After mastering this ability Natsumi became able to determine when the energy can "activate" allowing her to create multiple projectiles. Natsumi can used this power on the ground to create an air disturbance which is seen as a trail of concentric circles.

Enhanced Agility: Natsumi's ability to tap energy also grants her superhuman agility, balance and dexterity which gives her an added edge. She unconsciously uses her skills regarding nearly anything that involves movement, whether twirling chairs on a finger or swinging like a monkey while studying.

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