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A powerful chi technique created by the Felinar Clan through mimicry of the Saber tooth tiger that allows them to focus their inner energies to become as fast and as agile as a cat


A young Felinar Clansmen associates with various cats in different moods allowing them to gain first hand experience as to what being a cat is all about. each different feline instructs them on various exercises and their secrets in order to stimulate the child's feline powers. Once that has been accomplished the childs master begins training them in the ways of the clan.


The Felinar style opens the paths for chi at their maximum throughout the body, enhancing the strength, speed, reflexes and recovery at insane levels. It dazzles onlookers even as it carves up opponents. Practitioners of this martial style focus so completely on the strength and quickness of the cat, that they can create extensible claws of ki energy that have the power to cut through literally everything. Every punch, kick, slash and countermove reflects the raging tiger spirit within them The style's quick, powerful techniques and punishing strikes create a flurry of death that can keep even armed opponents at bay.

Considered one of the strongest fighting styles in the world the Felinar are able dodge even close-range killing attacks initiated by opponents. They can utilize their cat like agility, reflexes and speed quite smoothly and flawlessly, to react immediately and flexibly to opponent's moves. In addition they are strong enough to knock opponents through several buildings before they finally stop. Their punches and kicks are backed with concussive force, and can viciously stun the opponent In the majority of the time, they utilizes melee combat, using their immense speed to counter long-range attacks made towards his person.

Neko ken

In recent history warriors who had witnessed the strength of the Felinar art attempted to recreate it. Unfortunately these warriors were foolish and impatient. They felt that the Felinar method was too slow and not intense enough. They made modifications to the method and thus the dreaded neko ken was born.

Ki claws

This is the base technique of the Felinar that turns their hands into claws. It narrowly focuses one's ki into razor-thin blades as its passes through their fingertips; effectively transforming them into nigh-impossibly sharp knives.

Tiger Claw Frenzy

The Felinar ki claws are able to shred through tree trunks and other materials within seconds. The speed of this technique is said to be even greater than the legendary Chestnut Fist. It is fast and it is extremely useful for close-quarters, able to deliver an average of six hundred strikes per second. It doesn't have much in terms of damage, compared to the styles other techniques though.

Rip Claw Slash

By focusing his chi, The Felinar is able to strengthen the power of his cat strikes to the point in which they are able to slice through stronger materials such as stone and even tempered steel. He is not able to deliver many strikes with this technique, but he doesn't need to since the skill can cause greater damage.

Raging Tiger Bolt

This is a ki blast that draws its strength from The Felinar’s determination. Since they are patterned after a tiger, their will to survive is far greater than their desire to be the best. Their animal form is a thing of nature, so The Felinar is able to tap into nature's power as well.

Crescent Slash

A variation of the Raging Tiger Bolt that is flattened out and given an edge for cutting. The Felinar is able to slice though materials from a distance with it.

Berserker Rage

The Felinar allows themselves to partially submerge into the ferocity of his beast form. They are able to rush toward their opponent at unbelievable speed and deliver an amplified version of the Tiger Claw Frenzy. The damage is still the same, but at four times the speed! The final part of the move is actually a midair Rip Claw Slash with both hands.

Quick Swipe

A very fast slash in which The Felinar can cut through materials in less than a nanosecond. Not very strong but it is effective in delivering secret strikes where the opponent least expects it.


White Tiger

An attack created from compressing ki onto the users’ fingers and causing it to spiral rapidly until it becomes a warped color. Once fully formed they fire it as a double helix shaped beam of energy.


Tiger Drill

A technique that builds momentum by twisting ones whole body in opposing directions, with this momentum user can pierce extremely hard material with ease.

Rising claw an uppercut version of the Rip Claw Slash technique

Saber slash kick a kicking version of the Crescent Slash attack. Rising slash kick A kicking version of the rising claw.

DIVING CLAW user dives down toward opponent with a rip claw slash

Wind claw cutter user makes a fast clawing maneuver that causes the air around them to let off a snapping sound as the pressure from the air acts as a gigantic blade that are launches at opponent.

Wind claw barrage multiple Wind claw cutter attacks are launched at opponent

Cross claw cutter

An amplified version of Crescent Slash user unleashes two huge, crescent-shaped blasts of ki are launched at opponent. The twin attacks slash the opponent diagonally; forming a huge X.

Crescent Slash barrage

A multi-version of the Crescent Slash technique Raining fangs A barrage of small, but pointed chi bolts exploded forward Higuretora

Evening tiger The Felinar are able to tap into the Morphogenetic Field of Earth and fuse it with their chi. Allowing them, among other abilities,to become spiritually connected to all things that are feline, including Bastet and Sekhmet. In order to learn this technique the Felinar’s cat spirit must fully immerse their physical being. When the Felinar fused their essence with that of the saber tooth they gained urges to express catlike behavior. They began actively trying to suppress those feelings. This caused them to go into battle rages. The rite of passage helped them accept those feline emotions as their own. They became a part of them and with them they learned how to draw out the ultimate power of the Neko Ken from within. In order to bring out the Cat essence, the Felinar must have a clear mind and no distractions. They must then embrace their Cat Spirit and bring it forth. The power takes shape and superimposes itself over the Felinar in the form of their saber-toothed tiger body. The wraith then suddenly charges forward and at the same time, the Felinar’s body elongates and merges into the shape disappearing into it. What is left as a raging Cat Spirit with a Felinar within it. To outside observers, it looks as if the Felinar becomes a ghostly image of their tiger form, but ten times larger The apparition charges at opponent like a bullet train, intent on sending them into oblivion

Saber claw storm a pumped up version of the Berserker's Rage attack. The Felinar slashes, punches and kicks in brutal combinations, moving so fast that the human eye can not discern when they are punching, kicking or slashing. In another instant, they deliver ten Saber Slash Kicks, then sends victim's body flying upward with a Rising Slash Kick. They then end the attack with five, Double Rip Claw Slashes in rapid succession.

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