The True Neko-ken is an incredible technique, that when mastered makes one all but unstoppable. It grants increased power, healing abilities, the ability to form claw like Ki extensions that can cut through metal or be thrown as a distance attack. It's only draw back is that the student will be more prone to cat like behavior, nothing really noticeable unless under a lot of stress or in combat. It involves training the student in a number of specialized meditations that would allow them to slowly take on a more feral state even before they are wrapped in links of fish sausage complete with head and groin protection to protect the eyes and family jewels and lowered in a pit of starving cats. Once one finishes that part the starved cats are removed and treated if they need it. The student, now in a feral state is allowed to sleep off the training without any treatment. Then once he wakes up he is tossed some clothing and food and ordered to use his meditations to better focus his mind while a single small cat is sent into the pit every six hours. The student will, with the help of the mediations, be able to control his fear and over come the side effects while at the same time slowly mastering his mind, body, and fear into the dreaded Neko-ken.

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