The medication consists of small blue pills that are highly concentrated and enhanced with the creators life force. These pills work by regulating the chemicals produced and emitted from the brain and also from nerves, reducing the amount of pain felt by the body to minimal amounts. While normal people would experience a complete, and often dangerous, full-body numbing sensation and would generally be unable to function, those who suffer from intense pain from neuropathy, neuralgia, and similar conditions will be able to relieve themselves from the pain entirely, even gaining a reduced sense of physical pain from external wounds as well.

Neuropathic pain, etc. patients regain a sense of normalcy with this medication, though with a better tolerance of other pain as well. Side effects are generaly mild, like dizziness or headaches, yet fighters should have no problem tolerating these. One downside: the medication is very, very addictive. The addiction is both physical and psychological, and withdrawl can cause not only the pain to come back, but a burning desire for the meds and also severe migraines.

In normal, well people, this pill is even more addictive, because it is unneccessary, though one or two will most likely not cause an addiction too severe. Also, the medication would render a well person completely numb, and most likely unable to properly function due to the lack of kinesthetic perception.

Also, to prevent other's from coming to harm by offensive use of this pill, the pill has a protective layer that, once ingested, requires the user to force their life force into the pill, breaking the seal and releasing the contents.

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