The Chinese martial art technique of maintaining contact with an opponent, and using that contact to determine their posture and intentions. This technique is commonly utilized in the Saotome School mastery of non-grounded martial arts requires an understanding of the principles of motion, counter motion, rotation and counter rotation. The goal is contact to strike to motion – all leading into a chain of attacks capable of defeating even a stronger opponent. The idea is to control the contact points between yourself and the enemy, and to manipulate the distribution of forces. If you strike someone in midair, neither you nor your target is braced against anything. The force drives you apart, and is imparted to the target inefficiently. Unless you have significant momentum already carrying you into your target, the strike will have a lot of wasted potential energy. The answer: if neither you nor your opponent has bracing or significant momentum, the way to deliver a powerful blow is to grab a part of the opponent, and then strike. The strike itself will serve not only to impart energy and cause damage, but also to throw off the enemy's balance and manipulate their spatial position relative to yourself.

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