Nikolai Bartamian





Nikolai Bartamian is a member of the X-Army. While his morals are a little dubious, his heart is generally in the right place.


Nikolai, or Nick, is just your average late-twenty-something self-absorbed asshole from Hollywood. While he can come across as shifty and underhanded that’s just cause he refuses to let people see his eyes. He's tall and broad in the shoulder, mostly because he's an active guy who makes a point to hit the gym whenever he can. He hadn’t been as good about combing his hair or shaving and wears body armor, a reinforced leather duster, Military-style utility harness, and kevlar gauntlets. All in all he looks like a Japanese cartoon character. A huge pair of mechanical goggles cover half of his face. A spinning iris of dark plastic make up each lens, mounted in a rim the size of a can of tuna.


Nikolai worked at an agency that represented celebrities, so he's well and truly beyond the point of being easily starstruck.


Gorgon’s psychic ability is referred to as Plundering it allows him to steal the Life-Force of all living beings within his sight. It is impossible for people to look him in the eye without their energy transferring over to him, weakening them and giving him a bit of a temporary kick in the form of enhanced stamina, strength, speed, durability. The kick doesn't make him invincible by any means, but good luck to any baseline human who thinks they can keep up with him in a parkour race across the rooftops of L.A. after a small crowd of people has looked him in the eye. But at the same time it is a double-edged sword as not only is this ability always on forcing him to cover his eyes at all times. But if he is not careful he can plunder someones entire concept leaving their bodies in a withered, mummy-like state.

Looking into Nikolai's eyes is described as being a little like being hit in the back of the head with a baseball bat, only without the pain. There's the initial shock, followed, generally, by panic, but the people who are locked in his sights are unable to move, blink, or look away until he lets them go. If they stare at him long enough, he can leave them in a coma. A quick glance might just leave them feeling weak for a while.

Back when he worked in LA Gorgon would regularly train at an MMA gym. XCOM later training him in Military Close Combat and Knife Fighting. He uses two experimental vibration knives that were able to cut through Ryo's ARMS like soft cheese.


He is based off of the character from the Ex-Heroes series.

Gorgon represents Kyklops

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