Nodoka Higurashi is the widowed mother of Kagome and Sōta Higurashi. She is a very loving and caring mother just as one would expect of a motherly figure. She could be referred to as either 'Mrs. Higurashi', 'Ms. Higurashi', and Mama Higurashi.

Both Nodoka and Kagome’s father are/were renegade psionics she promised him that she wouldn’t allow X-com to break up their family. So after his death she moved to Higurashi Shrine, figuring that if strange things happened, then it was just spirits, or something like that, and no one would bat an eye.

However as Kagome got older her powers manifested in order to keep them in check Nodoka created a world based off of the legend of the shrine in order to let her and Kagome’s powers, and your imaginations, run wild in that other world. While keeping pretty much under the radar in the real world. Sadly as Kagome’s powers grew their combined might started warping the world we live in bringing her to the attention of X-com.

Despite her best efforts she couldn’t get the agents to leave mainly because as the battle drew on Kagome who saw her friends as real people with free will didn’t want them to fight.

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