151px-Asuka Nova

Nova is a PSI limiter removal type of form that involves combining rise burst and trance and fusing the three with this you cross the limits of human and fuse yourself with the psi. All the levels of you from your cells to your psi, to your spirituality all into one. At this state you should described more aptly as an existence rather than human and the psi release will shine with a rush of energy.

Nova can only be learned from someone who has already developed it. They use their own existing power to arouse the same phenomenon in trainees body and cells. Unfortunately this process is extremely painful as the body rejects it. The cells wailing from the transmutation of nova. The process evolves in percentages that act as a catalyst to the body each one more painful then the last and the trainee must be able to control each one before they can advance. "Don't get anxious start with feeling the nova first don't rush the spread nova into your body start with letting it stay in your fingers and get a good feel on it first". Other than the pain there is the risk the trainee'll get consumed by nova and disappear. When the trainee reaches 70% they have reach the point of no return. This is the most dangerous stage where any distraction can be devastating.

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