1500 years old


“Spring of Drowned Girl”


Ny = woman gender, yan = person, Nyan = girl

There is very tragic legend of young girl who drown in spring 1500 year ago! Now whoever fall in that spring…take body of girl. Shocked at seeing his dad as a panda, Ranma Saotome is knocked by him into this spring.

Appearances Edit

The cursed form is not a copy of the person/thing that drowned in the pool, but what they would look like if they were born a girl. When Ranma's mother turns up, it is pointed out that they look very similar, and this implies that Ranma-chan form is not a copy/clone, but based on his male body. In other words, if Ranma had a sister, she could look very much like Ranma-chan (if they were the same age).

Older Edit

The curse form does age, Pantyhose was cursed right after he was born (and turned into a tiny baby-monster), and he now turns into a huge adult monster. Also, since V34.5 Ranma-chan's chest has gotten bigger. It could be that some cursed forms do not age (ie those ones that imply age in the name) while others do. Here are some possible appearances for older Ranma-chan.

Theory Edit

There are numerous fics where Ranma-chan has a slightly altered appearance for example in Princess of the Moon she was described as breathtaking to say the least, a little taller than her old male one, a dancers lithe body, a set of large breasts, and red hair that had burst out of it's customary pig tail and grown before their eyes until it reached the back of her calves. It was waving in the power of the aura she was putting out and making her drop dead gorgeous. She was also given a similar description in as Bucky in Avenging. All of these changes occur when Ranma is given a massive power up either during or before he gets cursed. In Avenging-Ranma drank the Super Soldier Serum, and POTM he was the is the reincarnated Sailor Sun. Jusenkyo gave all three different bodies better adapted to handle their power. However there aren’t really any major differences they are taller, a little more muscular and can still pass as Ranma’s sister.

After careful searching I think I have found a great universal template for the taller Ranma-chan, Hatsune Arisaka from Tona Gura.

Before Edit

Here are some other possible templates

Blond Edit

While Ranma gets his appearance primarily from his mother Nodoka there is the possibility of small cosmetic differences when he has a different father especially if he is gaijin. for example Ranma-chan has blond hair when she's half kryptonian