Octopus style

an octopus possesses brute force and flexibility almost unparalleled in a creature of their size yet they do not hunt brutishly instead they use that adeptness to startle terrify and bewilder their foes allowing them to take down more than they could otherwise handle this style is an extension of that philosophy a combination of raw power and devious tactics practioners fight with brutal strength and low cunning one moment evading their foes the next crushing their bones and spirits with horrifying might.

Striking from shadow

When defending against unseen blows a person must rely on sound, reflexes and intuition knowing this the octopus strikes its prey swiftly and soundlessly

Thousand barb embrace

Hidden within an octopus's coils are small but vicious talons their embrace bites deeper than any weapon, rending flesh and bone. The exalts grip takes on the same vicious edge tearing through joints snapping tendons and rending flesh with simple abandon.

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