Omnipathy is a telepathic affinity for all species. One with this ability can communicate with (non-perspicuous) peoples’ minds, animal minds, insect minds or the like. This ability can be used to do the typical telepathic feats (reading thoughts, projecting thoughts, limited mind control, disrupting or augmenting mental capacity, inducing illusion, etc.); it’s simply possible for the user to affect all species. One with this superhuman psychic ability may even be able to use it on alien species (perhaps even plants, spirits and the undead; just not extradimensional entities or the like).

The connection of the user’s mind to the minds of all other living things also allows the user to be very difficult to track telepathically (the user’s mind would seem a widespread psychic network when he linked his mind to the minds of others, and thus he couldn’t be easily pinpointed to any one location)

Note: Omnipathy and Xenopsychism are NOT the same; Omnipathy allows one to perform telepathy (reading/projecting thoughts), except transcending species boundaries (one affects all minds); Xenopsychism allows one to psychically scan the collective unconscious of one’s planet (not the minds of the beings themselves), and the scan only picks up informational knowledge (and only from fellows of the user’s species)

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