A cryptic way of explaining the essence of alchemy. According to this, if a person were to die, as such there would be no material effect on the world. Since a human body is made up of certain basic elements, when a person dies, his or her body is decomposed and these elements are returned back to nature. These elements, in turn, provide nutrients to plants which, in their turn, become food for herbivores, which are then food to carnivores. This is the cycle of life, and the death of one person is insignificant while considering the whole cycle. However, without these individual deaths, the cycle cannot be maintained and hence the individuals as a whole are significant to the continuation of the cycle. Thus, the cycle of life can never be reversed. Understanding this and working with the cycle of life in order to create new things is what alchemy is about. In other words, "the world is the all, and I am the one." Those who master this concept are able to perform alchemy without the use of Transmutation Circle they can create an energy circulation and transmute by using their own will as a substitute for the necessary runes.

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