Orochi-Ryu The personal karate style from Orochi Doppo. Doppo is grandmaster in Karate has shown acceptional and extraodinary skills and combat abilities which are described as fearsome and strong. Doppo trains and practices his techniques everyday at least a thousand times a day. As practiconer of Orochi-ryu Karate Doppo has shown above human strength and skill such as flipping a large man hole cover with one hand while being sealed inside a large concrete pipe and reducing it to dust with his hands and feet. Rumors and tales of Doppo being able to uproot large trees with his fist and slay a tiger with his bare hands testament to his skills.  Doppo trains and practices his techniques a thousand times a day and has monthly spars with his top students. During a demonstation to his students he was able to chop concrete, stone, ice and a piece of steel wire in half. He also practices his kata (forms) underneath a large waterfall to sharpen and condition his mind and body. He has a brave "no step down" charateristic about him when it comes to fighting going as far as to fight a siberian tiger in his younger days and even admits that was a bit foolish of him but earning him one of his many nicknames the "Tiger Killer". He also believes in his karate style that their is no such thing as a step back or running away shown when he fights a siberian tiger. Despite his fearsome role as a Tiger Killer, Man Eater and God Hand he has shown to have a caring side to him seen when his wife Natsuki worries about her husbands going to fight he in turns comforts his wife saying he won't ever lose to anyone ever. Techniques: Seiken Tsuki: through trainig this technique it trained to the point it can punch through concreet. Nukite: training and conditioning the hand until its able to pierce iron. Shuto: sword hand, a cutting technique capible of cutting a steel wire Shadow step: a stepping technique with alows practiseners to get behind a oppont without them realising it. Maebane no kamae: Front wing posture, a defencive stance Ryūhen no kamae: Moving dragon posture tenchi no kamae: Heaven and earth posture no inch punch: a pointblank punch capable of crushing a blok of ice mea geri; front kick mea tobi geri: jumping front kick Tsumasaki geri: Kick with tips of toes Fumikiri: Cutting kick capable to break a opponents feet or knee Sangan: a eye technique whits allows the practisener to move his eye's indepentedle inlarging his field of vision  

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