Most Angels are the emissaries of divine presence who attend to the Gods like lesser acolytes but have no real free will, being merely manifestations of their conscious projection. This card forcibly draws an angel out of Heaven and into the mortal world of men.

Normally, an occurrence as ridiculous as this should not be able to occur. However, the distortion in the laws of the world caused by Divine Design, allows this to happen, switching around the alignment of the angels and their elements, and allowing the angels to bypass the name God gave to them.

The main and most basic principle of the Angelic Robe is to forcibly drag an angel from heaven. It is unknown how this process occurs, or how an angel is chosen. Presumably, the angel being dragged down from heaven is chosen by random, as there is no evidence that a user can choose which angel to summon.

The angels essence is them linked with user allowing them to briefly meld into into one being. The thing to keep in mind is that they are not entirely benevolent and are often creature of wild passion or purposeful nature. However since the angels essence is submerged within user they live their life through user’s eyes and are able to do nothing to interfere with user’s actions.

In that way user will temporarily gain their strength and full abilities, which augmented with users own internal Ki will make the both of them a force to be reckoned with.The two of you become one being as the angel is risen to a higher calling becoming an Elemental Lord like the Titans of old, the angel gains the advantages of a human soul and the latent potential that the human has yet to learn how to tap into and the human gains the angels knowledge and affinity with its element, which will many times over fortify their mind and body to the point where no one will be a match for your combined essence. Two very different people they shall remain, But for a time the two of them shall be closer than any being normally is permitted to become, and in that temporary time of union they both shall be as one flesh, mind and body with no true separation between them.

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