PSI by fxu

PSI is the ability to manipulate yourself, your surroundings, or others using the power of the mind. It is the power of ones thoughts released when all the cells in the brain fire at full activity. Normally 90% of the average person’s brain cells are inactive in order to avoid taxing the mind psi is dangerous because it overtaxes the brain. Through the process of evolution a natural limiter was placed that seals one’s psi. psi users are able to momentary focus their five senses, or in other words their physical abilities to incredible degrees. Strength sight hearing reflexes the ability differs depending on the person. With the limiter removed, psi allows us to surpass the natural limits of the human brain by placing tremendous stress on its cells. And that’s not all once over-clocked each person’s brain gives rise to it’s own unique ability. Psi includes telekinesis, telepathy, x-ray vision, pyrokinesis foresight. These effects are but a few of many possibilities all depending on a person’s training and natural qualities. Psi is the power of thought it can make what you imagine a reality and it’s power depends on how much it is used. The 3 basics of psi are concentration, visualization, projection, the extent of what can done with it all depends on ones creativity and imagination. Combining emotion with PSI can produce devastating and nearly uncontrollable powers and so shouldn't be done. Not only are these powers dangerous to other people, but they take an even heavier toll on the mind and body than regular PSI powers.

Psi power is based on 3 primary areas they are:

  • Rending waves
  • Thought waves
  • Self-strengthening

Everyone who uses psi possesses these three basic abilities. Certain specialties and raw power vary by a person’s unique attributes. Employing two types of psi simultaneously causes huge strain on the user. Psi power is not infinite

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