A renegade sect of Martial Arts Dining objected to disfiguring themselves in order to acquire the early forms of Absolute Mouth Control. However, this sect's refusal to learn this put them at a severe disadvantage when facing off against conventional practitioners of the style. "Le Petit Bouche", as they called themselves, developed the Parlay du Foie Gras as a counter, taking advantage of a loophole in the rules of Martial Arts Dining and turning the Absolute Mouth Control against its wielders. That loophole was that the winning contestant merely needed to clear off their plates first, they didn't need to actually eat the food themselves. Parlay du Foie Gras, which is inspired by pate du foie gras (pate made by force-feeding a goose so that their liver becomes extremely huge and fatty), consists of force-feeding your food to your opponent, which simultaneously slows down their intake of their own food, removes food from your plate, and can potentially cause them to receive penalty plates. There is a danger to relying exclusively on this technique, though; moving so fast burns up a lot of energy and calories, and so the user can easily starve to death if they rely solely on this to win. Recently this technique has been revised into a more combat oriented technique. The technique allows user to freely control their calories in their body. This allows them to burn away excess fat and convert it into ki. This technique greatly heightens users’ ki reserves increasing their power to an unbelievable height. Not only does users’ power increase greatly, but their appearance does as well. When utilizing this technique users hair spikes up, their eyes glow bright blood red, their muscles all burst with ki so great that it surrounds their body and makes contact with whatever they hit instead of their actual fist.

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