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This is an incredibly powerful technique that is said to be impossible to master due to its versatility. The technique works by mixing hormones within the body. By doing this user can manufacture a unique scent inside of their body capable of affecting the enemy's brain and nerves. User can alter their hormones as much as they wish in other words the amounts of fragrances user can manufacture are infinite.

Special Moves

Maiden Restriction:Paralyzes the enemy's brain. Causing them to be unable to move.

Crown Marionette: Misdirects the neural signals in the enemy's brain, turning them into a Marionette for a while.

Lilith Temptation: Creates a illusion in the enemy's brain. Causing a simulation of one's greatest desire. Those who are affected will enter into a dream like state and forgetting what is going on in reality, making them prone to attacks.

Pheromone 74F2-2: After reacting with the brain, the pheromone over-produces adrenaline which in turn causes the opponent's central nervous system to go into over-drive. While not inherently dangerous, the desire to escape danger is often very conscious.

Pheromone 74F4-3: The adrenaline courses through the opponent's veins, but instead of eliciting a flight or flight response, it causes the heart to pump blood faster. The coursing blood and pulsing heart beat are often unpleasant, and make breathing a much more conscious act.

Meditation: Affecting the central nervous system, hippocampus, and hypothalamus, Meditation effects the body to release excessive amounts of dopamine and endorphins, tricking the body into relaxing its muscles. The mind can still control the body, but the muscles are inherently weaker, meaning martial arts is more difficult to use, though still possible

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