“As the herald of a new age. The ho-ou descends from heaven to earth to do good deeds, and then it returns to its celestial abode to await a new era.”


Get Backers 1 Act.12 Get Back the Lost Time - 61 - s005
This technique is frowned upon for its particular nature and is not spoken of in clan legends though it surpasses even the Blossom•Bird•Wind•Moon. For generations it has been passed down to those who marry into the Fuuchuin family. There is no strength in this technique. It requires a merciful heart and the resolve to exhaust the flame of one’s own life. When those qualities come together the phoenix shall descend from heavens. Blossom, Bird, Wind and Moon are the founding principles of the Fuuchouin but its heart is that of the bird. Though flowers are beautiful, they remain in one place and the wind though swift has no will of its own. Though the moon shines above us its light holds no warmth. But the bird is both beautiful and flies of its own accord soaring overhead upon its warmth giving wings. This technique is like that bird; That is the Gaiden (Side story) of the Fuuchouin’s female line. It is not a technique of battle it is one of reconciliation The treads of the phoenix resonate with the spirit of the world and channel in to the opponents soul forcing them to experience every cherished memory as the evil in their soul is repaired and expunged. Due to the fact that the Phoenix is being channelled through the user to heal the opponent's soul, the user is put at immense risk - if the user fails to maintain a Zen state of mind throughout the course of the technique, it will backfire killing them instantly.


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