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An injectable substance that can increase of decrease the size and mass of objects or living beings. Originally these Plasmids existed in a liquid elixir form which would interact with the electrical impulses of the brain, creating an organism-wide "field." Thus activated, the field reduced or enhances the entire body at a uniform rate to the size desired. 59 feet and 11 inches is the biggest user can become (60 feet being the point where the human skeleton cannot support the body's mass). The smallest uses can become is approximately one-half inch in height. Later, Plasmids were able to synthesize into a gaseous form for quick results with inhalation. Later still it was refined into a pill form. Repeated, long-term exposure to Plasmids can actually result in the subject's body naturally producing its own field. Long term exposure can also cause further mutation when user’s size is reduced gaining insect like traits such as wasp like wing that enable flight, retractable antennae, allowing users to communicate with and control certain higher insects. Users even gain the ability to generate powerful bioelectric blasts from the hands that are capable of blasting through concrete.

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