A X-COM Project aimed weaponizing Jusenkyo.

Overview Edit

Weaponizing Jyusenkyou is definitely possible. However, you also want it to be safe and reliable before you approve anything for use in the field. X-COM is extremely quick when it comes to R&D and then battlefield use, but it takes time.

The drowned Asura spring is powerful, but yes, problematic. The aliens got around this by using one of 's techniques to directly control Rouge herself (in cursed form). It isn't a practical method if you've got a thousand of them, but it is a "hotfix" ... and after Rouge's recapture it doesn't matter.

X-COM is studying Rouge (and Saffron), but its primarily for containment. The Asura curse is mentally unbalancing and they don't have a fix for it, and while Jyusenkyou can be used to 'nearly drown' things and then copy them, there are downsides there, too. As Zraz showed, all aliens are connected to the Cydonian Mind (in his case, he loses this while hiding in human form). Anyone cursed into alien form would immediately become either insane or a part of the Mind.

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