Psyren v02 c11 - 006

By training people's thoughts, this force will elevate physical energy into spiritual energy and cause a phenomenal effect in physical reality allowing them to manipulate themselves, their surroundings, or others using the power of the mind. This technique requires tremendous concentration and willpower. The user's mental conditions act as a key to initializing the technique. The technique is then performed directly by the user's mental imaging, its powers manifesting directly in accordance with what is envisioned. A very strong mental image is required, and as a result the most commonly observed and basic manifestation of it is an instinctive defense field. The magnitude of manifestation is directly related to the willpower behind it. Thus 'converting' the will of the user into a directed force. Users are able to momentarily exert force against space with no physical interaction. PSI itself is divided into three general forms: Burst, Trance and Rise & one newly revealed form, Nova. With each form they are based on the basic rule that before using any PSI you have to make a mental picture first.

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