A highly advanced form of ki manipulation involves mentally tapping into certain natural ambient forces and shaping them through the lens of the mind, powered by the will, to create an effect that can be measured both etherically and upon the plane of ordinary matter As long as the channels are open a sufficiently powerful and talented mind can draw from a theoretically infinite source.

Psionic ClassEdit

The primary role of Psionics is mental domination of the battlefield, sapping the enemy's will to fight and ultimately even turning enemies against themselves and their allies which is why they are considered so dangerous. To this end since their discovery they have been divided into special sub-class in an effort to better understand them.



Illusion attacks psionically cause other people to see, hear, touch, smell, and/or taste things which to not actually exist. As well as cause people to see, hear, touch, smell, and/or taste real things in ways that they would not do naturally. They are mainly used to cause panic, and make you a danger to those around you.


These are direct attacks either telepathic or telekinetic that can kill outright, wipe out consciousness and turn you into a mental vegetable.


Insidious attacks used to stun or immobilize victims. Trap attacks are considered the most dangerous for two reasons: they ca be set up and used on an enemy and then the trap maker can leave, freeing himself from any potential backlash. It isn't as deadly as a straight up duel, unless victim happens to be in a dangerous spot when they get tagged by it. A trap attack needs to be disarmed by disturbing or disrupting the intent of the trap, which means observation, anticipation and investigation are more important than brute force.

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